Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Below are the Projects that Amtech Solutions has completed for Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
Laboratory Building Roof Replacement

Laboratory Building Roof Replacement

The existing 77,000 SF roof of the State run laboratory building consisted of a modified-bitumen membrane over a rigid insulation roof assembly which had met the end of it’s useful life. All layers of existing roofing were torn off down to the metal roof deck for the installation of a new roof system that was comprised of a mechanically attached substrate board and a fully adhered roof assembly where all roof layers above the substrate board, including the Fleece Back PVC/KEE membrane was set in low-rise foam. 20-sets of primary/overflow drains had to be coordinated, plumbed and replaced prior to the new roof system installation. Due to lab testing equipment sensitive to air quality and vibration, the project required a high level of coordination including private meetings with Lab managers to understand specific requirements, weekly OAC meetings to discuss work locations progress, construction on weekends while labs were closed and the specific design of particular adhesives to be used on the project as all roofing materials had to meet a No-VOC requirement. Amtech’s design approach also included specific interior protection to contain dust and debris to allow State employees to continue to work uninterrupted in the building throughout construction

Project Service:
Roof & Building Envelope Consulting
Project Scope:
Roof assessment, testing services, construction documentation preparation, construction administration and monitoring services
Project Construction Cost:
Project Sq Footage:
77,000 SF