Design / Build

Amtech/Infinity, LLC
A division of Amtech Solutions, Inc.

Through popular demand across the industry for a better roofing, waterproofing, and building envelope repair & replacement method we combined two amazing companies into one: Amtech/Infinity, LLC

  • Amtech Solutions, Inc is an architectural and engineering firm specializing in roofing, waterproofing and exterior building envelope consulting with a long history of client satisfaction. We have been providing trusted and proven building testing, repair, design, and replacement solutions since 1982.
  • Infinity Building Consultants, Inc is a full-service project management and general contractor specializing in the building envelope. We have been providing stellar system wide construction solutions for roofing, waterproofing, and exterior building envelope for the commercial industry since 2011.

Both companies have the same majority ownership, and they are both a Woman owned company. No longer do have the architect/roof consultant pointing the finger at the contractor or the contractor pointing the finger at the architect/roof consultant. Other than any unforeseen conditions, our pledge to the building owner is ZERO change orders! And on budget on time, every time! We provide a full-time experienced superintendent that is on-site full-time during the duration of every project we do.

What is Design/Build?

While similar to the more traditional design-bid-build, design-build takes a newer approach to project delivery—one that emphasizes open communication between all stakeholders, including trades and subcontractors. Design-build construction offers many advantages to owners and contractors, including improved budget estimates, quicker project completion, and better teamwork between different entities.

Unlike design-bid-build, which requires a contract for design and another for construction, design-build requires only one contract covering both the design and construction phases. The project usually progresses as an integrated process, overlapping the two phases. This speeds everything up, and a single leader—the design-builder—is responsible for meeting the contract requirements. The design-builder is also responsible for spotting inconsistencies between prescriptive requirements and performance standards and reporting those to the owner and other stakeholders.