Amtech Solutions / Architecture, Engineering, and Building Envelope Consulting


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Amtech has assessed, evaluated, tested, designed, and specified thousands of building envelopes and related building systems, including roofs, curtain walls, cladding systems, skylights, plaza decks, and below grade waterproofing systems.


Our team of licensed and registered professionals includes Architects, Engineers, Registered Roof Consultants (RRC), Registered Exterior Wall Consultants (REWC), Registered Roof and Wall Observers (RROs and REWOs), Chartered Building Surveyors, Reserve Specialists, Certified Themographers, and LEED Accredited Professionals.


Amtech’s staff is vastly experienced in the measurement, design, testing, and assessment of a variety of building and facility types ranging from airports to warehouses to hotels to apartment complexes to high-rise office structures. Amtech has the skill, expertise, technical knowledge, and experience to provide the highest quality roofing and building envelope consulting in the industry.


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